Promotional Models Gold Coast

Are you searching for Promotional Models on the Gold Coast? We can help! At Princess Promotions, we provide effective, well-priced services and surpass your business expectations.

So, what exactly are Promotional Models? Businesses hire a Promotional Model to generate consumer interest. This applies whether it’s for a product, service, brand or concept.

Their job is to bring your product into the hands of potential customers. As well as this, they provide a friendly face for the clients to associate the service. Therefore, these models make the difference in whether interest becomes a sale or not.

Due to the nature of their job, Promotional Models on the Gold Coast must meet several key standards.

Namely, they must be likeable, engaging and outgoing. After all, this is essential to get your company’s point across. Proficient public speaking skills and an attractive look are also required for this type of work. As with any form of advertising, this is crucial to get right.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Launching an event with promotional models catches the clients’ eye. Additionally, this converts to sales and happy customers. Otherwise, what’s the point of trying to spread the word about your product? Our services will help you reach your desired result.

Promotional Models Byron Bay

At Princess Promotions, we provide these models for a number of events and occasions. For instance, at sporting matches, car shows or major public events. We’ll find the right person (or people) to showcase your product. As a result, it finds its way into more customers’ hands.

Promotional Models Gold Coast

Liking what you’ve heard? Great! Here’s the next step. Upon booking one of our Promotional Models, our director Danielle New steps in. As a matter of fact, she personally manages your event team. This is a very valuable resource to your team. Why? We ensure efficient and productive events customised to each client’s needs within their budget. 

Our team here at Princess Promotions partners with our clients nationwide. Consequently, we create rewarding events including:

  • Product Launches/Promotions
  • Brand ambassadors and marketing campaigns
  • Corporate Trade Shows
  • Sporting Events and Fundraisers

and many more.

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